Map of .3 mile walk from the Olympia Lodge to the lighthouse.Point Pinos Lighthouse, began guiding ships through the jagged central coast of California way back in February of 1855.   Visitors love its charm and history. Point Pinos is the the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the United States’ Pacific Coast. It boasts and original lens and remains active helping the U.S. Coast Guard to this day. The lighthouse is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and has had a colorful history. From 1893 to 1914 is was operated by a Ms. Emily Fish, who was known for being a vivacious host of marvelous events at the lighthouse. Visitors visit the lighthouse to take pictures and take in the spectacular views. Some interesting facts about the lighthouse (compliments of Wikipedia) include:

Year first constructed 1855
Automated 1975
Foundation stone basement
Construction concrete tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern rising at the centre of keeper’s house (If you can’t live in a lighthouse, at least you can come stay in a welcoming Olympia Lodge down the street!)
Markings / pattern white tower,
black lantern
Tower height 43 feet (13 m)
Focal height 89 feet (27 m)
Original lens (Only the best for Pacific Grove!) Third order Fresnel lens 
Current lens (We stick with the best. So do our long-term guests.). Third order Fresnel lens
Range 17 nautical mile (Significantly more than we can swim.)
Characteristic Oc. W 4s. (We don’t know what this means, but it sounds important.)
Admiralty number G3992 (And we hope you Admirals out there will come stay with us!)
ARLHS number USA-634 (To the next guest who can tell us what ARLHS means, we’ll give you a free cup of coffee in the morning. What? We already do that? Well, true. But we’ll be happy to talk with you about the lighthouse while you drink it.)
USCG number 6-0290 (Again, we have listed a very important number.)