Unique to Pacific Grove, the Magic Carpet, is a natural phenomenon that’s as beautiful as it is fleeting. Each spring people from all over the world make their way to see the quiet coast turn magenta.


So, what is it? When’s the best time to see it? Everything you need to know is right here.


What Is It? 


This brightly-hued flower is not native to California’s coast and was actually brought in by explorer Hayes Perkins in the late 1930’s. At the time, poison oak ruled the coastline, posing an itchy problem for beach-hungry guests. Over the years, Perkins nurtured this South African native plant to the lush “carpet” we know today.


Fun fact: Not only is it beautiful, but this plant helps fight erosion! Win-win.


When to See It? 


The best time to catch this vibrant wonder is in April and May! It usually lasts a little over a month, so book your stay ahead of time to make sure you make it!


Fun fact: These blooms “sleep” until around midday, so your best bet is to go around midday on a sunny and warm day!



Where Can I See It?


This beauty colors the coastline in Pacific Grove. You can take it in while you stroll, jog or bike along the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail (starting at the Lover’s Point Park, for example). Or if you’d like to experience it from the comfort of your car, you can cruise along Ocean View Boulevard towards Pebble Beach.


Where Can I Stay? 


Family-owned, the Olympia Lodge is where old-fashioned charm meets modern comfort. Right in the middle of all that Pacific Grove has to offer, this conveniently located lodge has everything you need to rest up and recharge!