Of course, we’ve been in the travel business for long enough to have learned some great tricks. So today, we’re going to share our favorites with you:

Roll Don’t Fold: to avoid wrinkles, roll your clothes up rather than folding them. Then, place smaller items in your case on their sides (so they look like the top of a plate of cinnamon rolls or a bouquet of roses). This makes them easy to see/access.

Use Dryer Sheets: Include a few in your suitcase. These will keep things smelling fresh—and be handy in winter if you get any static cling when you’re dressing, just rub them over your clothes.

Shower Cap Your Shoes: This is a great little trick. Cover the bottoms of your shoes with a shower cap to keep the grubby side from touching the other contents of your suitcase.

Distribute Weight Well: Heavy items go near the bottom (wheel side) of your case, so it doesn’t tip over every time you let go of the handle. This makes for a more stable ride.

See What You Brought: Keep all your small items, such as toothbrush, jells, lotions, etc., in clear plastic bags. Keep your jewellery and electronics in their own clear bags as well. This makes everything exceedingly easy to find.

Bring a Sarong: Whether you call it a big scarf or a wrap, bring a light piece of fabric that can be rolled into a tiny ball. This will be useful for impromptu sitting on the beach or lawn, a romantic picnic on the bed, or a quick “outfit” after you jump out of the shower.

Dearest #SmartTraveler: we hope you’ve enjoyed these #TravelHacks and will find them useful. We know many of our guests do at #TheOlympia Lodge in beautiful #Pacifc Grove #Calfornia.