To picnic or not to picnic, that is the question. And the answer is, almost always, to picnic! It’s just a question of where. Well, here’s our round up of the best picnic spots right here in Pacific Grove.


Pacific Grove Rocky View

Just a 10-minute walk from the Olympia Lodge, this overlook with ocean views is one of the best picnic spots to sit back and watch the sunset with your favorite packed lunch.

Berwick Park

A 25-minute walk, or a 7-minute bike ride away, Berwick Park boasts shaded picnic tables and ocean views.

Best picnic spots

Lover’s Point Park, one of the best picnic spots around.

Lover’s Point Park

Again, within throwing distance of the Olympia Lodge, this famous beach spot has incomparable sunset views.

George Washington Park

With a more traditional kids’ playground, George Washington Park is a great place to unfold your picnic blanket and settle in for some peace and quiet for the whole family.

And if, for whatever reason, picnics aren’t your thing, why not try brunch at one of these top eateries? You know you want to! Whatever you choose, your stay in Pacific Grove is sure to give you the R&R you’re looking for!


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